Friday, March 10, 2006

Page 87

Sunday 29th. April 1945 *
Move off due to ops going so well up North. Musso has been bumped off. Received some mags. Captain Walmsley reckons the Regiment has 'had it'.
Monday 30th. April 1945
Still in same field. Small parcel arrives from home containing 'Dr.Goldstein's
Medicine'. Strawberries & Cream for dinner. Film show in barn was George
Raft's "Follow the boy".
May 1945
Tuesday 1st. May 1945
Last day of tank cooking. Played cards in bivvie with Vic & Hewie. Taught
them 'Oh Hell'
Wednesday 2nd. May 1945
Jerry threw his hand in in Italy & Austria. Fired all our 2" mortars,
phosphorous bombs & verey lights & had bonfires all over the shop.
Cease fire about 11 pm.

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