Wednesday, April 19, 2006

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I am a regular suscriber to a ww2 forum called

On one of the threads, someone wrote about time travel and I was driven to respond as below.

Here you all are writing as though Time Travel was just a fantasy.

How wrong you are !

Consider my trip to Trieste in 2007.

My wife and I were on our way to a week's stay in Venice when I twisted her arm and we arranged to spend three nights in Trieste on the way out, a city to which I had never returned since 1946.

At 0600hrs, leaving she who must be obeyed sleeping in the hotel, I made my way to Piazza Goldoni armed only with a map, my camera and a snap from my Army Album showing me sitting on a balustrade with the square behind me.

The map indicated that I must now turn right, so I did, and then the time machine told me I had reached my destination. I was back in 1946.............. no mistake and no possible argument.

I was aged 23 again, feeling much fitter and certainly stones lighter.......... I was a young man with the war over and my life before me.

The square was just as I knew it and I wandered round and marveled at my ability to cast myself back into a long gone era. I took photos to prove to myself that I had returned and that all was as I'd left it.

How dare you suggest that Time Travel is a fantasy !

I've used Time Travel and it works.

So there !


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