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Sunday 1st. July 1945
Spent the greater part of the day in bed & didn't even bother to go to the canteen. Received parcel from home with usual cherry brandy.
Monday 2nd. July 1945
On stag & didn't it pour. I was on first relief & my 10 to 12 shift seemed to collect all the mist in the valley. Half the P.O.W. cage is under water. Snow on the nearby mountain peaks.
Tuesday 3rd. July 1945
Feeling the effects of last night's do. Corp' from N.Demob Unit is getting my films developed at Villach for me. "Sorcerers Apprentice" at canteen.
Wednesday 4th. July 1945
On stag for the umpteenth time. 2nd Relief and arranged my own beat. Quite a lot of fun watching 'Teds' ( Tedeschis, therefore Germans) negotiate 'bridge'.

Sunday 17th. June 1945 *
Have applied for leave to see Mick who is at Udine.
June 18th - Major RR Archer returned from hospital and took over command of HQ Sqn.

Monday 18th. June 1945 *
On last relief in P.O.W. cage. Loudspeakers have been fixed up in the camp. False alarm about Jack being safe.

June 19-20th - Nothing to report.

Tuesday 19th. June 1945 *
Came off stag at 10 am. Into Spittal in the jeep to arange 'beer job' with the director.Loaded the 7 tonner with empty barrels. Warned for a 'buckshee' guard.
Wednesday 20th. June 1945 *
Took two Austrians to Paternion prison & two girls to be punished by the
Squadron Leader. Also 48 S.S. men to a camp at Spittal after finding them in our cage.

Thursday 21st. June 1945 *
Did a bit more swapping- this time I swapped a Jerry dagger for a Yankee mini- camera, loaded with film. Housey in the canteen after a day in the billet.

June 21th - Major JLE Ogier MC returned from hospital and took over command of B Sqn.

Friday 22nd. June 1945 *
Took some snaps of the guard which should turn out O.K. New unit is practically ready to take over P.O.W. camp administration. Carstairs, Hussey & James for leave (L.I.A.P or Leave in addition to Python)

June 22nd - Nothing to report.

Saturday 23rd. June 1945 *
Normal day off. Scrubbed my K.D. (Khaki Drill). Latest billet mascot is a blonde kid, very sharp, named Hervick. He is teaching Vic Hatch German!

Sunday 29th July 1945
Before dinner did a bit of “gardening” in front of billets. In the afternoon went up the mountainside with Abbino (?) and his sister. Quite good fun
Monday 30th July 1945
Taken off fatigues to do interpreter for Lt.”Dutch” Holland. Out in the dingo to the end of the boundary area. Crashed plane on hillside. Beer at roadside Gasthos at dinner time.
Regimental Diaries:
July 31st Rgt ceasing to be under command of 78th Div (Now under 6th Armd Div)
Tuesday 31st July 1945
Out with “Dutch” again, this time to the Burgomaster at Hohentaun. Collected three crates of booksfrom ex-Stalaag XVIII. Back early for Road Block guard.Truck broke down.

Acting in my role as un-official interpreter I went with Lt. Holland to inspect a deserted POW camp that had been used to hold a hundred or so British prisoners of war. Although it was now empty, there was something quite eerie about the atmosphere of the place; it was as though all the memories were somehow trapped inside the wooden huts, and I was glad to get out into the open air.

August 1945

Wednesday 1st August 1945
Guard room is in ex-Gasthos. Cooked our own meals. Young orphan has French
father, Russian mother

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