Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Page 45

Peter Ghiringhelli was good enough to translate the Italian text on the Piccolo Italiana membership card and part of his e-mail now follows:

Thank you Ron for letting me have a scan of this most interesting document. It is the membership card of a 'Piccola Italiana' (Little Italian Girl), part of the
Ballila movement, for girls aged between 8 and 12.
They then went on to the 'Giovane Italiane' (Young Italian Girls) from 13 to 18.
The left sets out the duties of the 'Piccolo Italiane':

"A Piccola Italiana must prepare herself to be the Fascist woman of tomorrow.
Here are her tasks:
1. To fulfill her obligations as daughter, as sister, as schoolgirl, and as a friend, with kindness and joy even when such duties are sometimes tedious.
2. To serve the motherland as a greater mother, the mother of all Italians.
3. To love 'il Duce' who has made the motherland stronger and greater still.
4. To cheerfully obey all superiors.
5. To have the courage to oppose those who council evil and who mock honesty.
6. To train her body to overcome physical strain and her mind not to fear pain.
7. To shun stupid vanity and to love things of beauty.
8. To love work, which is life and harmony.

Augusto Turati"

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