Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Page 55

The reverse of this leaflet reads:

Charlie tells the truth!

Say, chums, here's a new voice! Of course, it's not your master's voice, but here come the thoughts of a soldier just like you! I'm no more than one of the millions of suffering soldiers in the world. I'm an Allied soldier !
I'm, so to say, the blank file in all your parades. I know what's what and I want to put your thoughts into words for you.
In short, I'm Charlie the Gunner!
Just now I want you to keep your brains clear, for in the coming weeks, the Big Show is timed to start on the Italian front. What do I mean? Hell, our officers are talking about large scale attacks against Jerry! Isn't that the limit?. Listen, in the East, the Red Army is about 40 miles from Berlin. In the West our Armies are
going forward along the Rhine. And we here in Italy? What are WE doing? We could of course wait till the bloody thing was. over, but no, we must get ready for new attacks!
That means heavy losses again and, for many pals, a single ticket to the devil !
The mountains here are not friendly and the Po is wide, deep, and very, very wet!
There can be only two possibilities.
You and I know that the battlefront here is of secondary importance. So either our Generals are taking a last chance to snatch a victory and make fame in military history, or our dear Winnie and Franklin Delano must have some victories to put up in San Francisco against "Good Old Joe"
At the last moment we must end our lives in Italian mud and dust. We could win this war without any great attacks in Italy! But our Commanders and our Government say: No! Ten thousand dead heroes more or less make no difference to us and we need them to balance our bill with Stalin's, when the “Golden Gate of Sail Francisco” is opened for the great Peace Conference on the first of April.

Sorry, boys, I made a slight slip about the date, it's the 2nd of April, not the first!

But what can WE do? We can't even raise our voices, against these Hero-makers!
So, come along boys, be quick about it and kick the bucket for them!
While the Golden Gate of San Francisco is opening to receive Winnie F.D.R. and St. Joe to the Great Conference which is to bring Peace on Earth to Men of Goodwill, the “Golden Gate of Heaven” will be opened for many of you by Good Old St. Peter, saying: “Come inside and choose your harp, You've had your share of Hell”
So, till next time! Yours

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